Junior American Southdown Association Coordinator Position Opens


The American Southdown Breeders’ Association has opened applications for the new AJSA Coordinator position. This position requires a motivated person interested in the development of youth leaders interested in agriculture, the sheep industry, and in particular, the Southdown breed. Applications open immediately and will close on October 31, 2018. Please submit a resume and cover letter to the ASBA office via email or regular mail. Selected candidates for the position will be interviewed at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky, at a time and place to be determined between November 9 and November 13. Please contact the ASBA office for additional questions. Following is a job description along with compensation information.

Youth Coordinator for the ASBA

Purpose of the Position:

  1. Coordinate all junior activities and programs for ASBA.
  2. Fund raiser for continuation of program.
  3. Supervise and develop activities useful for Southdown Junior participation from home and at livestock shows.
  4. Network with State Southdown Organizations to facilitate regional junior shows.
  5. Manage Social Media and Print publications


  1. Knowledge of Southdown Sheep and the breed association
  2. Minimum of 25 years of age.
  3. Ability to relate to juniors ages 6 to 21 and maintain appropriate supervision in the presentation of leadership programs, contests and educational events.
  4. An understanding of motivational needs of those in junior leadership roles and their time constraints to make their roles meaningful.
  5. Experience with livestock shows and junior livestock shows.
  6. Practical experience with internet communication and social media.
  7. Working knowledge on use of spreadsheets, database, publication software and word processing programs.
  8. Willingness to handle fundraising and seek sponsorships.
  9. Excellent motivation to establish new programs and junior activities.
  10. Outgoing people skills and the ability to meet new people


  1. Establish and publicize a calendar of Southdown youth events for the upcoming year.
  2. Organize and run the Youth program:
  3. Organize and oversee the selection of Youth Program.
  4. Plan yearly calendar for Youth Program.
  5. Run leadership school
  6. Arrange for Ambassador chaperones at all events
  7. Attend the National Junior show at the All American, and the junior show at NAILE. Supervise the Skillathon, run Junior Southdown activities, (such as a fundraiser, social     activity or an education event) and preserve with photos of activities.
  8. Maintain an accounting of Junior fund income and expenditures.
  9. Attend and report each year at the informal meeting of the ASBA at NAILE. The results of programs for the past year and plans for the coming year. The report should include an income and expense statement for prior year and a budget for upcoming year.
  10. Help with the program for the NAILE Annual Meeting and the recognition of Junior award winners. Document the year’s junior activities with visual materials on the display board used at national events.
  11. Supervise and maintain Social Media and submit information to Association web site. Provide to Journal Directory summary of youth activities, budget and futurity information.


  1. Junior Association Facebook
  2. Junior Twitter
  3. Junior Instagram
  4. Junior Snapchat
  5. Publish YouTube videos of interest to Juniors
  6. Publish written articles to Banner and other Sheep magazines
  7. Submit junior article to Southdown Directory
  8. Update junior section of Southdown Web.
  9. Provide assistance to the selection and program for regional Southdown Junior Shows as needed
    1. Work directly with regional junior show program. Coordinate with volunteers to present one non-show competitive event, one educational event and a social function at each regional junior show.
    2. Develop and maintain educational presentations and non-exhibition competitive event activities as a resource to be available to volunteers at each regional show.
    3. Provide assistance in supplying inexpensive prizes for junior participants in the various competitive events at regional Junior shows.
    4. Supervise production contests and other activities that include juniors who are unable to exhibit at regional shows. Supervise those contests and recognize winners at the NAILE.
    5. Utilize a fundraising program to solicit sponsorship, donations, gifts and contributions to be used solely for the sponsorship of regional shows, the expenses of the investor program, the awards presented to juniors and the expense and salary of the junior coordinator position. The coordinator would be charged with the goal of making the program self-sustaining within 3 to 5 years.
    6. Provide an average of 10 hours per week in the fulfillment of theses duties for compensation of $10,400 per year plus $2500 in travel and lodging expenses.

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