10 Reasons to Raise Southdown Sheep by Carrie Rutledge

southdownpic10. They are good mothers. Southdown ewes have good instincts when it comes to caring for their lambs, getting them up and cleaned off and nursing soon after birth.

9. Easy Keepers. Southdowns can maintain body condition on little grain, with hay and pasture.

8. Well tempered. This breed is laid back and sweet tempered, that are easy to work with in and out of the show ring or to handle with lambs by their side.

7. Looks. The sweet kind eyes and pale gray muzzle is a classy and appealing look to the eye of any showman. When fitted for show the Southdown breed is easy to identify in and out of the ring with their pretty fitted faces and legs.

6. Meat. Southdown sheep have lean sweet meat. It is delicious as roasts and ground meat.

5. Moderate size. The southdowns are just the right size. Young showmen love the southdown size and gentle nature.

4. Flocking instincts. The southdowns do well on pasture as their flocking instincts are strong.

3. Hardy Rams. Most southdown rams are aggressive breeders. They protect the flock. Rams grow fast from birth and put weight on fast.

2. Southdowns are one of the largest breeds raised and shown in the USA which makes it easy to find breeders near you. Southdown junior exhibitors have many mentors to help them show our favorite breed.

And the number one reason to raise this great breed: The Junior shows. The kids in the Southdown Junior Association become lifelong friends. The shows are well put together and the people who oversee them are so helpful and always have a smile on their faces. Growing up showing with this breed has helped open up many doors to meeting new people and learning new ways of showing from all over the country.

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