Midwest Stud Ram Sale Entry Information

It’s time to think about your 2019 Midwest Sale entries…

Printed entry blanks have been mailed to past consignors. You can also find them linked below or at www.midwestsale.com. Entries are $30 per head.  Deadline is April 20th for entries to make the printed catalog!

The online entry system is also open. You can create new or re-use your past login. Check out this HELP PAGE for instructions.

Entry Letter

Sale Rules
Entry Blank (one form for all breeds)
Advertising Options   

For those breeds hosting Junior Shows:
All junior show entries and payment should be mailed directly to your breed representative designated on the junior show entry blank below.  Any junior show questions can also be answered by your breed representative, not by Heartland Staff.

Junior Show Entry Blank


Entry Processing & Fees:  Entry fees are $30 per head.  Entry fee increase is due to rising cost in fairground rental and bond insurance.  Entry fees are non-refundable including for animals sifted from the sale, scratched from the sale, or that for other reasons fail to go through the sale.

Registration Papers:  If consigning registered animals, make sure to have your
registration papers for entries to turn in at Check-in.  If registration papers are not provided by close of sale, a fee of $20.00 per original registration will be billed or deducted and your consignor check will be held until papers are provided.  If registration papers are not received by July 10th, an additional fee of $50 per original registration will be billed or deducted.  All consignors with registered animals will have transfer fees deducted on sheep sold.  Sale Management will transfer the registration papers to the new owners.

Health Papers:  Standard interstate health paper (or copy of paper) is required for each animal, and will be turned in to sale management at check-in.  Obtain health papers and any tests on June 5th or later to allow traveling time for the new owners after the sale.  All Entries are subject to random vet checks.  All entries must have scrapie tags!

Show Placing and Sifting:  A class list can be found on the back of the entry blank.  Classes with over 30 entries will be split by age or weight.
– In breeding stock classes, splits will be made by odd and even lot numbers.
– In wether sire/dam classes, yearling and fall classes will not split,
all lamb classes (December – April) will split by weight.
Classes with 15 or more entries have the potential to be partially random drawn.  Any unsound, inferior or unacceptable entries in the opinion of the Judge or Sale Classifier or Sifting Designee will be sifted.  All decisions by the listed designees are final.

Weighing Procedures for Wether Sire and Dam (lambs only): 
All wether sire and dam lambs entered in December through April classes will be required to weigh at designated scale locations and times.  Animals must be weighed by the day prior to their breed show.  Classes will be split in groups of no more than 30 head by weight for show.  Sale order will be set by show results, but will include a column for birth month.  Procedure for paperwork and weighing is as follows: 1) Check all paperwork in the FFA Building and receive your paint-brand and showring card.  2) Animals must be paint branded and must have all blankets removed before going though scale.  3) Bring both cards to weigh-in station.  Staff will verify paint brand, scrapie tag, ear tag, and record animal weight. 4) Show ring card will be returned to you with weight recorded.  5) Class breaks will be posted before show.

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