Stars of Louisville Sale 2019

November is almost here, and many things come with it! Beautiful fall weather, Thanksgiving, and time with the Southdown Family at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. Part of our time spent together includes the 28th Annual Stars of Louisville Sale. Follow the link below to check out the elite 40-head offering in this year’s sale.

Stars of Louisville Sale 2019

A Brown Ribbon by Kate Poitras

A Brown Ribbon

The clock on my phone reads 10:32 AM as the plane descends into the cold Maryland laneway. I get off this cramped, closed off airplane as fast as I possibly can. Hoping I did not miss my ewes class at the North American International Livestock Exposition, wishing I could still be there to show my sheep one last time before she went to South Dakota with her new owners. Yes, I am happy they wanted one of my sheep, to help improve their breeding program. I am so proud of all the accomplishments my sheep has made this year.

She is a bred and owned and has my prefix in her name on her paper, CLOVER HILL 15, and we called her Destiny however, her name will no longer be Destiny. The registration paper on my sheep will now read CLOVER HILL 15 “ELDORA” as her new owners decided to name her. This aggravates me a little knowing that my sheep that I had named would no longer have the very special name I had picked out for her. 

Safari finally loaded on my phone. I go to she show’s website, click on the livestream link, and the video pops up with the caption JUNIOR YEARLING EWES. I get excited, this meant I had not missed  my sheep’s class. I see her, she walks into the ring with the same ring presence she had all year when I showed her, her head held high, pacing each foot to match the person who is showing her, just like always. I sit in the airport gate waiting for my flight to begin boarding with the most anxious feeling inside of me, I knew it would not go away, not until my sheep had been pulled into her final placing in the National Show competing with the best of the best. The judge excuses the bottom half of the class, Destiny is still standing, top 20. The judge excuses another 5 sheep, top 15. He starts placing his top 15 with 15th being pulled first. One sheep, than another, and another, and another, and another, top 10. I am nervous, nervous for her, nervous for her new owners, and just nervous. Destiny was surrounded by the best of the best, she was in top 10 at a National Show. 

The judge pulls two more in, and then she was pulled. 8th place, tears fill my eyes as I watch my  sheep walk into 8th place with her head held high and her feet perfectly matched to the person who is showing her. 8th place, 8th place at a National Show, 8th place. My sheep was 8th place at a National Show. I am crying, tears rolling down my face, crying. Tears of joy, and happiness, and pride roll down my tired face. Who knew an 8th place, brown ribbon, could make someone feel so proud? But I do… 


Countdown to NAILE by Carrie Rutledge


NAILE is right around the corner and I thought it would be a great idea to talk about some of the stuff the show has to offer.

First up on the list is: AJSA Show. This is a great chance to meet up with friends, old and new, watch real sheep showing pros in action, compete on the green shavings and the futurity points and placings will follow after the show. The junior show will take place Sunday Nov 17th.

Next up is: Shopping! NAILE has one of the largest shopping venues under one roof for a livestock show. Stop and get a screen print shirt made, get a custom jacket made, Showtimes and Sullivan Supply are there for all your showing needs, plenty of craft shops for mom to find her next décor for the house and trucks and trailers for dad to go and see, there is something for everyone!

Next we have: sightseeing. Church Hill Downs is only a short drive away from the Expo Center, Downtown is nearby with plenty of cool places to eat. Don’t forget the Slugger Museum, Glassing Blowers, and much much more! You don’t want to miss out on seeing some of what Kentucky has to offer and get some fresh southern food. Sweet Tea is my favorite!!

Last, but not least on this list is: AJSA mixer and Adult meeting. Every year at NAILE there is a skill-a-thon on Sat. morning and later that night is the meeting and Junior Social. At the Adult meeting they will go over the results of the skill-a-thon and other AJSA events before Juniors are invited to go to the Junior Social set up just for them while the ASBA have their elections. There will be food and games so make sure you head on over for some fun!

I’m looking forward to NAILE this year and can’t wait to catch up with old friends, meet up with breeders, see some great Southdown sheep hit the ring, shop till I drop and see what more Kentucky has to offer. See you all in NAILE in a few short weeks!

Carrie Rutledge

Southdown Journal Deadlines

It is that time of year again! The Southdown Journal is being developed to showcase the breed to a large audience of other breeders and enthusiasts.

In addition to the publication reaching readers through the printed version, it is also published online for all to see for a full calendar year here.

Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to connect with other breeders and potential customers through a printed advertisement. The deadline for print-ready advertisements in Sept. 15. If you plan to run an advertisement or have any questions regarding the Journal advertising opportunities, please reach out to the Editor, Kayla Jennings at 830-570-2630 or


Journal & Directory Advertising

Size Rate Specs
2 page $800 15″x10″ (17.5″x11.5″ with bleed)
1 page $500 7.5″x10″ (8.75″x11.5″ with bleed)
2/3 page $350 7.25”x 6.67” or 5”x10”
1/2 page vertical $330 4.75”x 7.25”
1/2 page horizontal $300 7.25”x 4.75”
1/3 page $240 7.25”x3.34” or 2.5”x10”
1/4 page $185 3.75″x5″ or 5″x3.5″
3.5 inch x 2.5 inch $100 3.5″x2.5″ or 2.5″x3.5″

Southdown Juniors Succeed at The All-American

Junior sheep enthusiasts flocked to Hutchinson, Kan., for the 2019 All-American Junior Show July 4-7, 2019. Southdown youth experienced success inside and outside the show ring this year. Follow link to view full show results. View contest results below.

Congratulations to our Southdown showmanship top three winners!

First place winners: Braylon Porter, Caleb Formo, Ephraim Fowler, Drew Hoeflinger, Alivia Porter, Hope Barker, Adriana Wendland, Trent George, Jaleigh Oldenurg, and Preston Forsee

Second place: Mackenzie Padgett, Carson Knittel, Lincoln Oldenburg, Charlee Ryan, Tate Stevens and Samantha Everhart

Third place: Lillian Schut, Tayden Miller, Tyson Miller, Silas Growth, Maddie Hauger, and Madelyn Groth

Judging Team Southdown winners:

Ephraim Fowler-1st place Beginner, Josie Nold-3rd place Beginner, Ryker Beckmier- 5th place Beginner

Logan Beckmier- 3rd place Junior, Kade Beckmier- 5th place Junior

Shaylee Maddox- 1st place Intermediate, Jordan Sylvester- 3rd place Intermediate, Emily Nold- 4th place Intermediate

Carson Lobdell- 5th place Senior

Skillathon Southdown winners

Josie Nold- 2nd place beginner, Ryker Beckmier- 3rd place beginner, Charley Coffin- 5th place beginner

Zack Peterson- 3rd place junior

Preston Forsee- 2nd place senior, Carson Lobdell- 3rd place senior, Hannah Taylor-5th place senior