We are getting ready to host our online AJSA Spring Spectacular Sale! This is an important (and the ONLY) fundraiser for our junior organization. We ask that consignors donate back a portion of every sale, and that money goes directly towards funding t-shirts, ice cream floats, pizza at the Spring Kickoff, and of course all of the great prizes like belt buckles, tumblers, and ribbons.  We want EVERYONE to get involved. You can contact Stephanie to put a ewe or semen on the sale, or log in to Integrity Livestock on April 13th and bid on something!

Mark your calendars for the following weekend to attend our Spring Kickoff in Richmond Indiana!

Southdown enthusiasts traveled to Wayne Country Fairgrounds, Richmond, Ind., April 20, 2019 for the American Southdown Breeders’ Association Spring Kickoff. Tracy Dendinger sorted the show. To view full results, click here.