1. Southdown sheep may be admitted to registry if they are: animals that are immediate descendants of those heretofore recorded in the American Southdown Breeders’ Association records; animals from any country approved by the Board of Directors — provided they are recorded and numbered in the Southdown flock books of that country, and their sires and dams also individually recorded and numbered in said flock book.
  1. All applications for registration shall be made on a form furnished by the Association. No application for registry shall be accepted unless accompanied by the proper fees and made on the Association form, fully filled out and certified to and signed by the breeder and owner.
  1. The breeder of an animal is the party owning the dam at the time of service and directing the mating.
  1. The owner is the party who owns the dam at the time the lamb is born. However, changes of ownership from the owner at the time of birth to the owner at time of registry may be made by transfer. Registration and transfer may be made at one time by payment of proper fees for both registration and transfer. The regular transfer fee will apply on all changes of ownership.
  1. A certificate of service must be signed by the owner of the service ram. The only exception is when the ram is shown to have been owned at the time of service by the breeder of the animal to be recorded.
  1. Every animal to be recorded must have a flock name and private identification number. This should not be a pet name, but a name you desire to have all your Southdowns registered. For example, a breeder may wish to use his name or initials or his farm name or initials along with the private number. Each animal must have a different identification number.
  1. Every animal should wear a tag in the ear showing the private identification number and the name or initial of the breeder, owner or applicant for registration.
  1. Approved entries, will have registration numbers assigned to them and certificates of registry bearing the registration numbers will be mailed to the owner.
  1. The transfers of ownership of registered animals must be reported to the Secretary on the back of the original registration certificate and mailed to the Association office with proper transfer fees.
  1. An unsound or unworthy animal will not be admitted to record when facts proving inferiority are made to known to the Board of Directors. If, however, by any means, an animal is admitted improperly, it shall be void on record and no progeny tracing to or through such animal shall thereafter be admitted.
  1. Breeders should give day and month of birth on all applications for entry. Accurate flock records are valuable. Application blanks for entry and transfer properly filled out facilitate recording in the Secretary’s office.
  1. All application fees must be paid in advance, and no applications will be considered until fees are paid. The postmark on envelopes is used to determine mature animals and transfer dates.
  1. Initial membership fee in the American Southdown Breeders’ Association is necessary for the registration of sheep. All memberships are non transferable.
  1. Any registered sheep may have a christened name added for a fee. This christen name, will not replace the original name and flock number, but shall be in addition thereto. A christen name will not be duplicated and will appear on all future offspring’s registration papers. The christened name will be added to the original certificate of registry by sending the original certificate to the Association office with proper fees.
  1. The question, “who will pay the transfer fee?” must be decided between the buyer and the seller. Do not ask the Association Secretary to decide questions in dispute.
  1. Junior membership in the American Junior Southdown Association is $10 for each fiscal year. Members must be 21 years of age or younger.
  1. Registration of animals produced by artificial insemination or embryo transfer will be accepted only if special procedures and rules are met. Forms and further information may be requested from the Association office.