AJSA Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • Required to participate in a leadership role in at least one National Southdown Event
  • Promote the AJSA through written articles, blog posts, or social media at least twice a year
  • Attend sheep events within your state and promote the Southdown breed by giving away promotional items provided by the ASBA
  • Communicate and Assist in planning junior activities and events such as the junior meeting at NAILE, root beer social at All American, cornhole tournament at the Classic
  • Participate in fitting and showmanship demonstrations for younger junior members at National Events
  • The Junior Board President will also be required to participate in the ASBA Board Meeting held at NAILE
  • Serve as a member of the junior board for two consecutive years
  • Assist in choosing class awards for the Classic, and banner designs for NAILE

Junior Board Meeting Minutes