Policies, By-Laws, and Minutes


Important updates to our Policies and Procedures - Nov 2023 - Click Here

At the November meeting, the Board of Directors voted on three new policies. These changes can be found in our Policies and Procedures manual.


In section 133.00 REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE POLICY there are two new additions:


133.01 The Board of Directors shall examine information submitted for the registration of a purebred Southdown sheep if after registration has been issued questions arise as to the accuracy of the information, and they may take action on their finding up to and including the striking of the registration of an animal with inaccurate information on the registration certificate. Any dispute with the findings of the Board of Directors is subject to the provisions of Article IV: ARBITRATION OF DISPUTES.  This is effective on all sheep registered after the date of the adoption of this provision (November 10, 2023).



133.02 The Association desires to limit and exclude from further offspring the following four DNA genetic defects: Hereditary Chondrodysplasia (Spider Syndrome), Ectodermal Dysplasia (Hairy Lamb Syndrome), Callipyge and Ovine Dwarfism.

All Southdown sheep born and subsequently registered after December 31, 2023 warrant the DNA genetics to be free of the spider gene, hairy lamb gene, callipyge gene and the dwarfism gene.

Any animal that is observed failing to comply with this registration restriction either through genetic testing authorized by the ASBA in sponsored sales or shows or through public admission shall be deemed unable to record future progeny.

Breeders that fail to comply with this registration restriction shall only be allowed to register an animal born in the following fiscal year with proof of absence from all genetic defects via a DNA test.

Any purchasers of sheep registered and thus assumed having no genetic defect have all warranty rights against the breeder. All premiums, future sale and exhibit rights, and progeny recording of that animal is terminated. If a Junior member is the subsequent victim, then the awards garnered shall be allowed to be retained.

Any dispute under this provision is to be resolved by the provisions of Article IV: ARBITRATION of DISPUTES of the American Southdown Breeders by-laws. (November 10, 2023)


In section 511.00 FUTURITY there is a change:

511.2 At consignment sales that show for sale order, nominations must be made before their class is exhibited.

State Association public sales, public farm or ranch sales, public bid board sales and online sales must have lambs or yearlings identified and nomination fees of $25 paid to the ASBA office with their Flock Tag, Scrapie Tag Numbers and date of birth on file with the ASBA office and publicly advertised before the sale begins.

All sales must be made available to the public and NO private sales are eligible (November 10, 2023).


If you have any questions please contact Ed Keeny or Ann Fry.